Laboratory Equipment

Spectroscopic measurement of ethanol and acetic acid in vinegar fermentation

Simultaneous measurement of alcohol and acetic acid concentration in less than 1 minute! Simple and reliable! Without any sample preparation!


ACETOSCAN is the world’s first laboratory system capable of measuring acetic acid and alcohol concentration simultaneously and reliably by the push of a button. The new near-infrared (NIR) device significantly simplifies the routine analysis in the production of vinegar. In only one step, the alcohol and acetic acid concentration of your vinegar sample is determined precisely and fast. As the most important production parameters – ethanol and acetic acid – can now be determined simultaneously, all lab work can be done with one single and compact system.


The measurement functionality of the ACETOSCAN is based on NIR spectroscopy. Almost every substance has a spectral “fingerprint” which is generated by the adsorption of the penetrating light and thereby weakened in a characteristic way. These fingerprints can be used to identify substances and to quantify the concentration in a mixture of substances without any cross-sensitivity. The penetrating light impinges on a sensor array and is evaluated on the basis of neural networks.


--  Simultaneous measurement of ethanol and acetic acid concentration in less than 1 minute

--  Analysis without any sample preparation

--  No re-calibration necessary

--  No consumables or dangerous additives necessary

--  High accuracy

Measurement range:

0  – 20% Ethanol
0  – 25% Acetic acid