High performance aerators for vinegar production

Vinegar production poses high technological requirements with regards to the optimal aeration of bacteria during the fermentation process. For this purpose we deliver aerators with highest possible oxygen enrichment and optimal mixing results of fermentation liquid, air and substrate at the same time.


Oxygen transfer and distribution are the most important factors in submerse vinegar fermentation. An intensive mixing of air, alcohol, water and nutrients as well as the homogenous distribution of this mixture within the entire working volume of the fermenter are the basic principles for modern and high performing vinegar production. Our aerators offer you all these factors finely tuned to perfection.


The oxygen supply and distribution is based on a carefully designed aerator architecture consisting of a hydrodynamically optimized rotor and stator couple. The goal is to introduce the highest quantity possible of small air bubbles into the fermenter and therewith bring the aeration as well as the homogenous distribution of the mixture to perfection. This highly efficient supply to the vinegar bacteria enables the achievement of an optimal yield to energy consumption ratio.


--  Technological leading aerator design

--  Best yield / energy consumption ratio worldwide

--  Usage of energy efficient motors (IE3)

--  Optimized charge distributor for the mixing of dosed alcohol

--  Modular construction method enables smooth maintenance and service applications