Industrial Fermenter

Fermenters for industrial vinegar production

We deliver turn-key industrial scale fermentation plants with production capacities of up to 140m³. The fermenter is the core component of every vinegar production. It is delivered in high quality stainless steel and equipped with a custom-tailored cooling coil.


High performance aeration systems guarantee a homogenous and uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the fermenter, therefore optimally supporting the growth of the microroganisms. In our fermenters you can achieve up to 15% acidity when applying the semi-batch process as well as more than 20% acidity when applying the fed-batch process.


A complete fermentation plant in vinegar production technology generally consists of the following main components:

· High quality stainless steel     tank with cooling coil

· Aeration system

· Foam system

· SIEMENS PLC – process control

· Acetoline – system for the     on-line alcohol and acidity measurement     / Alcocontrol – system for the on-line alcohol measurement

· Stainless steel pumps

· Sensors (filling level,     temperature, alcohol volume)


· Technological leading     engineering for the optimal construction of your vinegar fermenter

· High performance aerator design     for vinegar production

· Easy to handle foam system with     very low energy consumption

· Innovative alcohol and acidity     measurement systems

· Reliable Siemens PLC control with well-proven software